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Where it all started

Our​ unique and incredibly tasty pickle recipe has been handed down for generations. No seriously – it's made it's rounds from Poland to Ohio, to Texas, through Florida and has finally landed here in the tiny little state of Rhode Island.

Along the way this recipe has been tweaked, improved, and tested by many into the current concoction of tastiness we are now sharing with you. Homemade recipes are the best recipes. We promise to never take the home grown flavor and love out of our products – that's what makes them so good.


Donnie is a native New Englander. He was born and raised in Massachusetts, but made his way down the coast to sunny Florida. He spent over 25 years in the sunshine state where him and Leslie has the pleasure of meeting.

Leslie is from the great state of Texas – bu she'

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The picklers



Donnie is a native New Englander. He was born and raised in Massachusetts, but made his way down the coast to sunny Florida. Known for his extensive repertoire in the restaurant and hospitality industry, Donnie is a people pleaser and crowd favorite. He spent over 25 years in the sunshine state, where he eventually had the pleasure of meeting Leslie.

Leslie is originally from the great state of Texas and is a former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader! Her love for travel has taken her many different places, but Florida was the state that stole her heart and she moved there. Her southern roots have influenced her cooking – with spice being the main ingredient. She is a phenomenal cook and she accredits it to cooking with her mom growing up.

After spending many years in Florida collectively, they both decided it was time for a change. Together, they settled into the little Rhody state in 2019. Initially, this was their retirement kickoff. But, Bottoms Up had another plan, and retirement is taking a backseat. 


We hope you enjoy eating and sharing our products as much as we enjoy making them. From our family table to yours, bottoms up friends!